Today is February 25, 2020 -

Men’s Club

President: Barry Bernson
Vice President: Donne Levy

The goal of the Men’s Club is to promote synagogue activities and increase friendship among members. We conduct a variety of activities, including Sunday morning Shacharit services with speakers and refreshments, bimonthly sponsoring and preparing of Kiddush lunches, and numerous other social or religious events. Basically, we do whatever is wanted and needed at Temple Emanu-El.

Men’s Club Activities:

Tallit & T’fillin Service and Breakfast – Second Sunday of Each Month at 9:45AM

Men’s Club has been sponsoring this monthly service since 2015. Speakers are often scheduled after breakfast. Contact Barry Bernson or Donne Levy for programming information or to volunteer as a speaker.

Getting started at the bicep Wrapping the arm

There is always help for those whose T’fillin wrapping skills are rusty, and T’fillin sets to borrow for those who don’t own their own set.

Rabbi Fasman davening Putting on T'fillin 

Once T’fillin are wrapped tightly, Rabbi Fasman and Mark Frank lead the service.

Temple President Jonathan Morse, center, davens with Board member Marty Ozer Davening congregants

After we finish davening …

Buffet table with lox, cream cheese, fruit, vegetables, coffee, and juice

… we share a lox and bagel brunch provided by the Men’s Club.

Night at The Aces  

June 4, 2017


 July 27, 2015

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