Today is February 25, 2020 -

Yiddish Club

We are an informal group of people with varying levels of ability with the Yiddish language. We learn from each other through music, videos, literature, and enjoying each other’s company. We typically meet at the end of the month on a Saturday or Sunday. Sunday meetings are held in Temple Emanu-El’s Library from 11AM to 12:30PM. We share a potluck dairy lunch (fish, dairy and vegetarian food only. No poultry, meat, or shellfish) and Yiddish music or videos. Our Saturday meetings are held in the Social Hall after Kiddush Lunch. Because our meetings are somewhat mobile, check the Events Page, email Merle Levy (write “Yiddish Club” in the subject area), or check Temple Emanu-El’s Weekly Bulletin to confirm our next meeting date. Don’t receive the Weekly Bulletin? Email Harriet Young.

Yiddish on the Web

Yiddish is alive and well on the internet. During our Sunday meetings, we watch Yiddish videos on YouTube and Yiddish websites. Links to those that are popular with the group will find their place here:

Leonard Nimoy, his memory should be a blessing, had the generosity to share his memories of Yiddish Theater, childhood, and more in this interview with the Yiddish Book Center. He was 83 years old when he died on February 27, 2015.